Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Logo Designs So Far:

Aquasodio's Design
Luna Station Quarterly's Design

Submissions due June 15th, and you can pick your favorite on FB, by leaving a comment here, or on Twitter at #GGBClogo


  1. I love Aquasodio's design with The Cake is a Lie t-shirt. And Hell Hath No Fury is just about the best tagline ever!

  2. While they're both good designs, I like Luna Station Quarterly logo more because it's all inclusive to those of us who don't look like the girl in Aquasodio's logo.

  3. I love AQUASODIO'S design love love love it!!

  4. I think both designs are great, and I love the look of the girl in aquasodio's design. That said, I prefer the Luna Station Quarterly logo because, while this group was born from controversy, I don't think it needs to be forever about anger. I would much rather it be about fun and common interests, and that is what I've experienced so far.

  5. Yeah hitting myself a little for making her too angry haha... but it was fun! It was like... angry fun... plus I'm really sarcastic so it was probably shadowing more of me than I should have let it.

    Thanks for the compliments- and Luna's is the bomb, yo!