Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Romance can be a killer.

February. The time of hearts, flowers, romance...and the slaying of werewolves, vampires and all kinds of creatures of the night in the GGBC February read.
My dear Geeks, I give you:

You knew I wouldn't make you read something too sweet and sugary... but this has some romance, but the kind every one of us can get behind. Plus, this lady is most certainly kick ass. No matter what your feelings on these monster/classic mash ups are, I thought it would be fun to throw one in here and see what we think. Because a book club that slays together STAYS together kids.

And so you know, you are all my geeky, geeky valentines... and that is the almost better than chocolates and Star Wars. 

The read begins February 1st and we chat about it the last Saturday of the month.