Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Chapters.

The start of a new year is always so full of promise, with just a twinge of regret for what was missed, for what wasn't said or done.  

I feel like reading has been such a huge part of my life, of who I am, that I really do think of life itself in chapters.

We all have stories, we all have epic romances, tales from the crypt, comedies, tragedies. We all feel like we are living out a script someone else wrote sometimes. It reminds me of what the wonderful Nora Ephron said, "Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.
How are you going to swoop in and save yourself in 2013? How will you be the hero of your story?

Think of a story you read that really made you feel like "this is why I'm a reader, THIS is why I read". What was it about the characters that made you want to be better yourself? To dare to dream a little bigger, to make your life a little better?

My story would be Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Shadow makes me want to be more. Not emotionless or unafraid, but able to feel fear, let it wash over you and walk through it. To see the humor in impossible situations, to love deeply, fully, and with total conviction. To know that whatever happens you are meant to be in that place, and to take it all in.

What is your story? What makes you damn proud to be a reader? 

Maybe if we all remembered that other people are all just walking through their own chapters, they are like us, trying to get to the place where we are truly "in" our lives. Not living in the future or the past, being present, for that is the real story. What is right now. Maybe if we all knew each other's stories, we would be kinder to each other.

In 2013, may you remember that you are just what you need to be right now. You are enough as you are. You were chosen to be the lead character of your life for a reason. There is no one else like you. You are the only one who can tell your tale. So this year, live your life you fabulous creature, live as a hero, live as only you can. We all need each other's stories, and each chapter of life just makes them better.

Thank you all for being in Geek Girls Book Club, you have made me feel blessed to be a part of your journey.

Happy New Year my dear Geeks.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New year... New Man.

We are about to hit another New Year in the GGBC, and I was inspired by those of you who love to try a new series. If you're like me and fall in love with a character who leaves you wanting more, than have I got the guy for you:

Harry Dresden.

He's a Private Investigator and a wizard... and he's for hire.  So to kick off a new year, we will be reading the first of Harry's stories:

Storm Front by: Jim Butcher

If you read about Harry and his world and want more, here is a link to all the books in the series:
There was also an amazing TV series that sadly only lasted one season, but you can find it on Amazon, and Netflix. It is certainly worth a watch if you missed it, or if you were a fan and want to see it again. There are also graphic novels and an RPG! The author's web page has a store with all the details. Jim Butcher store
You can follow the author on twitter at @longshotauthor. 

I thought that Harry would be the perfect way to start 2013, and get us going on a year of geeky book delights to come. Harry is my kind of wizard, I hope he's yours as well.

As always, we will begin the book on the first of the month and starting talking about it the last Saturday of the month at #GGBC on Twitter, and on the GGBC Facebook group and Goodreads and Google +. Join us, and feel free to pass GGBC on to anyone you know who would enjoy a good read among most excellent Geeks.

Happy 2013!

Friday, November 16, 2012

2nd annual Geek Craft-A-Palooza!

My sweet Geeks, the holiday season is upon us. No matter what or if you celebrate anything coming up... the world is busier and more stressful, so in the tradition of GGBC, we are not reading in December. WE ARE CRAFTY FOR ALL DECEMBER. Don't panic non crafters! I have suggestions for you and they include a favorite from last year and a new addition to the crafty family:

World of GeekCraft by: Susan Beal @westcoastcrafty

The Star Wars Craft Book by: Bonnie Burton @BonnieGrrl

These are two great examples of fun you can have from using paper, to painting to glitter and glue and fibery arts. There is something for every Geek in these amazing pages. You can also get ideas from some pretty spiffy websites like Geek Crafts, and you can join other geeks and see what their up to at our sister club Geeks United In Crafts. This is a fun excuse to just have fun, play and get creative. You can also make some amazing gifts and thrill your friends and family, while saving some major cash this season!

There is no contest, no rules... all I ask is that you post photos of your Geeky creations. Post on Twitter with #GGBC, post on FB on the GGBC page, or post on Goodreads. 

There is one more thing I'm hoping we do this season to spread some happy in the world... share you favorite children's book. You can buy a copy and donate it to you library or charity, give a copy to a child you love, or just check one out from the library, and read it to someone who would love your time and your story. Please share what book YOU shared... and make this world lighter and brighter this season. Here is my children's book I'm sharing:

Blueberry Girl by: Neil Gaiman @NeilHimself

I hope that your holiday is filled with all the things that make you happy, and that you can share that happiness with those you love and those you are just meeting. I can't wait to see all the Geeky goodness you will be making and sharing... and I even have my own Geeky craft to start us off:

My knitted MST3K pillow 

Have fun, get crafty, and remember that there are a whole lot of people crafting right along with you, reading children's books and remembering that all of us deserve a little silly now and then. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

I'll Have a Blue November...

The winner of our contest to choose November's book is long time member Bronwyn Kelly. I want to thank her and all our participants in making a donation or volunteering to help the hungry this season.  Every bit matters, and every bit changes the world for the better. 

Here is a introduction about this month's book from Bronwyn, and we will discuss, as always, starting the last Saturday of the month. Happy November sweet Geeks!

"So, this month i get to choose the book we read as a group! this is both nerve-wracking and exciting. exciting because i get to share a book i've loved for probably 25 years with a wonderful group that I'm really happy to have been able to join. Nerve-wracking for much the same reason! 
The book i'm choosing for this month is The Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley.
I've chosen this book because for years it has been my staple, the book I return to when I need comfort or fun or a visit with old friends. I have - quite literally - read a copy of this book into tatters!
I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I have! i'm looking forward to sharing it with you!"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thankful We Can Read And Help...And Pick November's Book!

Image and more information at:

Added 10/28/12: We have a winner to choose the GGBC November book! Bronwyn Kelly, contact me asap to talk about what to read! Congratulations!!!

It seems like October is flying by, and I hope you are loving our scary short stories!

I can't believe that it is time to think of November's read already, but I found something that is even more scary... hunger around our communities, all around the world. We have so much to be grateful for. We have books to read, a place to live and even if it is simple food, we have food on our table to feed ourselves, our loved ones, our friends. In the U.S., November marks a time of being thankful for what we have, no matter how much or how little. I was thinking that we could be thankful all around the Geek Girls Book Club world, have some fun... and share some love.

The November read will be chosen by a member of GGBC. All I ask to be in the drawing to pick the book is to donate to your local food bank, or to whatever organization you choose to help feed hungry people anywhere in the world. No cash? Then make a commitment to volunteer at one of those organizations, and help them where you can. I don't care if you donate food, money or your time... it all helps, and it is all important. 

Next, post to the GGBC facebook, twitter, goodreads or here in the comments that you donated to end hunger and BAM! You're entered. The winner will be drawn on October 28th. The winner must have their book selected by the first so we can post it as soon as we can! 

I hope that we can move others to help as well, and that one act of kindness will lead to many, many more.  Thank you in advance for your generosity my dear Geeks... I am grateful for you beyond measure.

Some places to donate:

Monday, September 17, 2012

October is the month for scaring yourself out of your shorts...

The Autumn winds are howling and October will soon be here with longer nights, colder days, costumes and confections. What better way to celebrate the most wonderfully frightening time of the year than with the suspense and terror that only short stories can deliver?

I am a big fan of All Hallow's Read, Neil Gaiman's idea that you should share a scary book with someone for Halloween. Well, this year I want to do that in a big way by sharing two books of short stories with you... one from an author we know and love, and one from an author who is new and waiting to be discovered by us all.

Book #1:

Photo courtesy of

Neil Gaiman's "M is for Magic"

This is a well known collection of some of the most beloved scary stories of our generation. It has something for everyone. I know that my love for Mr. Gaiman knows no literary bounds, but this is an excellent collection, and you will have a wonderful time seeing little snippets of Gaiman's magic and trepidation found in its pages. It is available in most libraries, Amazon, and many small book sellers.

Book #2:

Tansy Undercrypt's "Small Towns, Dark Places"

Ms. Undercrypt is a new author, but her micro fiction has been published for quite some time at You can go back and read these tiny gems at your leisure. Her book was just recently published, and is available through many ebook formats (Nook, Kindle, etc.) Tansy is not only a new, independent author of dark fiction, but she is also a member and supporter of GGBC. Please feel free to spread the word about her and her book if you'd like... I love that GGBC is helping new authors find readers and slew of people who adore their words. Tansy will be no exception, you will be captivated and breathless by the places you will go in this dark and frightening town. Here is a link to the Amazon ebook: Small Towns, Dark Places and a hard cover copy will be available the end of September.

In the comments, please share with us what books you are going to share for All Hallow's Read... we can all use a gigantic list of scary stories, and this is the perfect time of year to read as many as we can get our clawed hands on.

As always, our read will start on the first of the month and will be discussed on the last Saturday of the month... so get ready to dig in to some dark places, but bring a lantern... because it will be black as pitch sometimes, and you need to come out eventually. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

And the winners are...

(I have no idea where this awesome graphic came from, but I am amazed what
I have on my computer. Thanks to the cool cyber person who made it!)

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me on twitter at @NikkiSticks or on Facebook at the GGBC page to get your code for your free e-book!

Elisabeth Flaum 
Michelle Watkins @abqmichelle
Lynette Aspey @LAAspey

Tasha Grey @adventure_chick
Christina Terry @voodoodarling

Thanks again to Luna Station Press for the generous support of Geek Girls Book Club, you are awesome.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Geek Girl Giveaway!

Win a digital copy of one of our September reads!

Three GGBC members will be chosen to receive a free digital download of GGBC September reads "Elegantly Wasted" and three more will be chosen to receive "Out of True". 

To enter, simply reply to the giveaway thread on Facebook, Twitter, or goodreads and one entry on each service will be chosen at random.

Entries accepted September 1st -September 7th.

Winners announced September 8th!

Digital downloads will be available to you in your eReader format preference, courtesy of the books' publisher. 

Thanks to Luna Station Press for supporting the GGBC!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September is for Geek Girls

Soon summer will be leaving us and Autumn will be here, crisp leaves, cool air, poetry all around us and contract killers.

The next few months at GGBC we will be highlighting new authors and not only new, talented and brilliant... they are members of GGBC. I want to see the smaller publishers and writers get more exposure so we have years and years to come of so much brilliance that it fills our eyes and fills our souls to look at these works.

September is a two-for-awesome deal. Both of these books are written by GGBC members AND published by our dear friend: Luna Station Press.

First, we will lure you into a poetic world that will help you escape the hectic start of a new season... the beautifully written "Out Of True" by Amy Durant.

You can find all the information and even read a sneak peek at: Out Of True.
You can purchase an ebook version or get a paperback version if you'd prefer.

After you have been captivated by Amy's poetry, you will be blown away by Cara Vescio's "Elegantly Wasted" If you think your family has got issues, wait till you meet the Fairholms, their relationships are a killer:

This is also available in ebook format and all the information and also a sneak peek is available at: Elegantly Wasted.  

Read them, enjoy them... and then share them with fellow readers! The more we share the creativity and just plain awesome power of our Geek Girls, we are making the world just a bit brighter and better for the little Geeks coming after us.  The read will begin on September 1st, and we will discuss starting on September 29th. 

We are back to school kids, and girls rule.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bullies on the brain...

"Wow, you look TERRIBLE!" "Look at that nose!" "How much weight have you gained?" "You are REALLY not attractive."

If you heard those comments being said to someone you would probably rush to that person's defense. You'd tell that person to get away from this terrible jerk, that they were a bully... worse, an abusive asshat. You would never let your friends or family be spoken to this way. We would rise up like a geeky plague and put them in their place.

What if that bully is you? You are saying these awful, untrue, hurtful things to someone you should care deeply about: You. What if you are your own bully?

Why do we see the injustice of being unkind to someone else but not to ourselves? I see it so much, not just in the Geek community, but all over. We are downright cruel to ourselves. We wonder why we can't be like someone else. Prettier, more successful, BETTER. We want to be someone else entirely sometimes.

What if, even just once in a while, we treated ourselves like we would our loved ones? What if we remembered the beautiful parts of us... what makes us unique and even, dare I say, special. We are so beat up by our own thoughts that we can't help but believe them, but what if we could change that programming? What if instead of being someone else you could be YOU 2.0?

That you has permission to feel good about themselves. That version has some kick ass qualities that the world needs and is just out there waiting for. This version can override that inner bully's bullshit and tell it to cram it, you are no longer hearing that old, useless garbage. This you is waiting to come out, to be in the mental sunshine a lot more. That you is ready to put that bully's undies up the flagpole for once.

You have permission to never be bullied again. You are too damn amazing to waste one more day listening to anything but the truth: You are fabulous. Here and now.

Welcome to the reboot my friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are you ready to away party?

I hope that you will all make it home safely from Amity Island and avoided losing a limb in your ocean adventure. We will be discussing that sharp toothed menace "Jaws" on July 28th, and please bring a swimming buddy.

But now it is time to move away from the ocean to another vast unknown: SPACE. That's right. You are going to be going to a party... too bad you're wearing a red shirt and it's an AWAY party.

The GGBC August read is John Scalzi's "Redshirts".

What is so bad about being on a away team? You're about to find out. Please report to your ship on August 1st, 2012 and be ready to take one for the team. You can follow the author at: 


Also: September is going to be a combination month of book and graphic novel, so be sure to keep those comic/GN suggestions coming. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Blanket Fort: July

The GGBC project: blanket forts has been extended so those at SDCC can get their entries in too. New deadline: July 21st!
Join us to kick off Project Blanket Fort and support charities while making a comfy masterpiece!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to the Skyrim Book Club...

Playing Syrim, and I noticed something. So many books in Skyrim. We now need the Skyrim Book Club. I'll bring sweet rolls, we'll read "Uncommon Taste" by The Gourmet first. See? If this was actually done, it would be the best merging of gamers and reader geeks EVER. I'm giving us all a Sci-Five. 

(okay, we aren't really going to do this, but I might do this.)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summertime... and the reading is bitey...

Summer is upon us, it is high season for summer reading, grabbing a book and heading to the beach, going off on vacation and escaping into the pages of a book you maybe wouldn't usually read or haven't read in a very long time. There's nothing like getting away to a nice little ocean side town for a little R and R. Nothing more relaxing than some time at the beach. Well, unless it's THIS beach:

Oh that's right my dear geeks, we are going OLD SCHOOL to start off the summer. The GGBC July read is "Jaws" by Peter Benchley. It is the quintessential summer read, and it reminds us all of the first time we heard that music. Did you know that the theme from Jaws was John Williams' first Oscar for best original score? It is that brilliant. As we did with Lord of the Rings, if you don't have time to read/listen to the audio book, please feel free to watch the movie. It will remind you of how amazing you thought it was as a kid, and I want you to enjoy our favorite predatory girl any way you can.

If this story isn't your thing, I recommend continuing on with Scott Westerfeld's "Leviathan" series, we'll be chatting about the first book starting on the last Saturday of June. I wonder what the Darwinists could have made with our friend Jaws here? Whatever it is, it would certainly not be safe to go in the water.

Our visit to Amity Island starts July 1st. You bring the food, I'll bring the shark cage.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our First Game Review!

Time to sit down all together at the table and play us a game kids. We need to socialize ourselves once in a while, put down the books and have ourselves a game night.

Our first game review is going to be about Miskatonic School For Girls. The great thing about this game is it started as a Kickstarter. It is a card based game, and it also has individual game boards. Before we talk about it, why don't you go learn how to play and see the game in action with game designer Luke Peterschmidt. How to play

Now that you know a little more about the game and how it's played, you can see that the gameplay is really not difficult at all to catch on to. I know teens who are as hooked on this game as the adults. The game boards keep everything organized and easy to understand, and the art on the cards is incredible. I am completely smitten with Lulu the Lunch Lady, and I hope they will make a shirt of her asap for me to wear non-stop. The teachers conspiring to take your sanity are what truly make this game.

If you enjoy a card based game with a great storyline twist, this game will leave you coming back for more. It is also not a huge time commitment, as you can enjoy a game with all levels of player and age. 
It is available from Fun to 11's website and it is also on Amazon. However you get your tentacles or claws on it, be sure to check it out. Your school was never as cool as this one.

Leave your comments about this game here, at twitter #GGBC, and on the FB group.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who would want to be without books?

Summer is upon us, it is the season of summer reading... fun, wonderful worlds to escape to near the pool or in the comfort of air conditioning to retreat from the heat... 

Currently, we are reading Scott Westerfeld's "Leviathan", our first delve into steampunky literary goodness. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am, and be sure to check out the other books in the series. The discussion, as always, begins the last Saturday of the month.

I mentioned that we will be doing GGBC game reviews, and that will be up soon. It will work much like the book discussions, where I will post about a game, and you table top game geeks who have played it can give your yay or nay on it. We can't read ALL the time (damn) so this will help us build up an arsenal of awesome games to keep us entertained year round.

The new book announcement will be made soon, and be sure to keep book suggestions here, on FB and Twitter with #GGBC and on Goodreads. Another graphic novel read is most certainly in the works, that has been heavily requested! Watch out for that one.

I hope summer finds you wrapped up in your favorite stories, among your favorite people... and if you're off to any Cons this summer feel free to spread the word about GGBC, the more Geeks the merrier!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's about to get steamy in here...

So... ever since the GGBC started, there has been requests for steampunk titles. I had no idea that there were so many different books in this genre, and I became a bit obsessed looking through the suggestions and trying to pick our first foray into the mechanical abyss. Thanks to all of you amazing geeks and your super human knowledge of all things steampunk, I am really excited to announce our book for June 2012:

"Leviathan" by Scott Westerfield, which is a series that people seem to absolutely freak out over. I can't wait to read my first steampunk book and get into a whole new area to love and obsess over. Thanks Geeks! 
We will be chatting about The Lord Of The Rings starting the last Saturday of the month, I hope that you are enjoying your trip to The Shire, and avoiding not simply walking into Mordor. 
This is shaping up to be another most excellent reading year for GGBC, thanks to all of you for your suggestions and passions guiding our literary journey so far!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We've come a long way baby...

Well, Here it is. Happy 1st Birthday to The Geek Girls Book Club! One year ago, a small minded article in The New York Times told us we hated to read The Hobbit, so we got really fed up with that inane blather and we read it together. Then we read another book, and another, until we can look back on a whole, glorious, geeky year of books.

It turns out it is much more than books though. That is what has surprised me most. It has turned out to be a collection  of the most remarkable people, people with amazing stories of their own and hilarious blogs and never being in a book club before. Friendships were formed. Actual, meaningful friendships between wildly amazing geeks started happening, all over the world. In the last year, I have received so many notes about what the GGBC has meant to them, how it has helped them find new friends, share their passion of reading, of stories, of geekery at its finest, most joyful level.

The support that the group has gotten has been astonishing. We are now over 1,000 members strong, with more joining every month. A group that I thought would be just a few geeks has turned into an army. So many have been so supportive, I could not even begin to say thanks enough, but I will try. Thanks to all of you for sharing us, blogging about us, taking time to pass out cards and fliers in your city. Your enthusiasm makes me proud to be among you, without your passion for the group, it would not have been so strong for an entire year. To Cara for her Gigi logo for GGBC, thank you for giving us a face and a girl to pin on our bags, and wear proudly wherever we go. Thanks to all of you for wearing those pins and tshirts, fielding questions about GGBC with energy and being so proud as to wear us around with you.

I would like to thank amazing authors Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill for their kind support, spreading the word about us and being so gracious when we were reading your books. Your support brought so many to us, and book club aside, being a huge fangirl of you both and having you bother to let others know about us meant so much to me. Thank you for your generosity, it truly made my year.

I look forward to our return to The Shire this month. It will be good to visit the place we began. I hope Gandalf brought fireworks. Don't forget to share your geeky passions with us here in the comments or on FB or Twitter at #GGBC, sharing your passions and excitement is what I love most about this group. We also have a sweet surprise for us this month... keep your eyes peeled on Chef Kittie for the details!

And thank you again most excellent Geeks, it is true indeed, not all who wander are lost.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Because we're cool like that.

Oh and for next month's LOtR read? It is totally acceptable to watch the movies. I am a sucker for those movies. And make a snack. And let's all agree that I can have Boromir for an imaginary boyfriend.
I know that for some the book is hard to get through, so just enjoy this story however you'd care to, just don't google "Boromir Fan Fiction" because, WOW.

Update: I am unable to respond to comments for some reason, so I wanted to absolutely agree that the movies are not the same as the books, but if the books are just not the writing style you enjoy, or you find the read simply not for you, please enjoy the movies; because this story is too good to miss.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We've been there, now we're going back again...

May 1st will be the one year anniversary of the GGBC. I can hardly believe it. Stay tuned for a full on chock full of thanks and geek love blog about that later, but for now I need to announce the book for such an occasion. We started one year ago with The Hobbit, because according to a certain NY Times journalist, women don't read that. I thought it was appropriate that a year later we dance with the one who brought us, so our read for May is:

We are going back to the shire my precious, oh yes we are. I also have another May Anniversary request. There has been a whole lot of "who's geeky enough to be called a geek" discussion out there. You all know that I believe that we can be geeky about many things;  movies, comics, math, science, ewoks, swords, LARPing... the list goes on and on. What I would like you to do is either here in the comments, at the Goodreads or Facebook group or on twitter with #GGBC, tell us what you really get your geek on about, and a favorite book to go with it. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a graphic novel or whatever. But loud and proud say, "I am a geek about _____, and this book is my favorite about such awesomeness." 
I'll go first. I am a geek about gardening and farming (I KNOW!) and this book is my favorite about such awesomeness: The Fabulous Beekman Boys. If you have seen their TV series you understand my love of these men and taking a historic farm to new, amazing heights. It is the most fun and real account about farming I have ever read, so please check it out if you are so inclined.
Let us all share each others geeky loves, and be inspired to learn more about things to add to our obsessive arsenal. 
There will also be a geeky, sweet surprise from our own @ChefKittie. All will be started and revealed May 1st. Please join us for the interwebby festivities, and let your geek out to play.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Library Week!

To all of us who love reading and love our local libraries, this is a week to celebrate. I'm so grateful we live in a nation with such incredible libraries and staffed with so many knowledgeable and amazing librarians. To all who work for, volunteer and support our local reading treasures, thank you from all of us at Geek Girls Book Club!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Call Sounds Today...

Art by: DeviantArt user DrFaustusAU for

     So today begins our dive into the murky, Cthulhu infested waters of H.P. Lovecraft. You can get your free copy right here thanks to Ebook. The copy is free, but please think about donating to her page for being so cool as to put this work out there for all to enjoy. There are also lots of Lovecraft works available at your local library and bookstores, so feel free to choose what works best for you. The discussion starts Saturday, April 28th.
     We really want to get some exposure to this incredibly important author, so read what calls to you, pardon the pun. If you'd like to read more about Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Chick website is full of information. He was a very odd and interesting man, and his work has influenced much of what came after him.
     This month is going to be a wonderfully creepy one. Enjoy the journey dear Geeks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm A Princess And This Is My Tiara

(No clue who made this, but I adore it)

Thank you to Natali, who sent me this awesome art today. It reminds me how it sometimes takes just one little thing  to make us feel special, and there are almost 1,000 of you in GGBC. That makes me feel like my tiara is made of Geeky joy. Thanks to you all for being excellent to each other. (And for those who missed it, here is The Geek GIrls Book Club Tiara post.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Geek Girls: Posers With Boobs?

Art Credit: Mike Henry aka Zatransis

After the avalanche of negative "geek girls are mostly posers" articles on the internet, (please see Action Chick Flick's article on all the fun) I feel like I need to vent a few thoughts on the subject.

The Geek Girls Book Club was sparked by such an article. Without this gem: New York Times article we would maybe never have come to pass. The anger and sadness I felt about the writer's comments pushed me to make a book club that all Geeks could be proud of. That would show that having lady parts doesn't mean you only like Eat, Pray, Love. Being a female and being a Geek CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN. And that's okay. In fact, that's awesome.

I was told not many would join or be interested. That it wouldn't have much "staying power". Well, those people would be wrong. We have nearly 1,000 members, and from all over the world. These are women, and men by the way, who are want to wave their inner Geek flag with pride and I am so honored to be among them.

We can be "Geeks" about so many things. Star Wars, Firefly, Anime, Literature, History... the list goes on and on. You don't have to love all things "geeky" to be a geek. You have to have the passion and the heart to learn more and more about what you love. Don't be concerned about how much Geek you are or if someone else is a "poser". Just let your Geeky light shine, and it will spread and spread until we can all feel a bit prouder of whoever we are, all because of the power of the Geek.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

April Showers Brings The Rise Of Cthulhu

Can you believe it's March already? Spring is getting ready to jump on us from out of nowhere, and I hope you are enjoying "The Beekeeper's Apprentice". We will start discussing the book March 25th, and the exciting news is the author, Laurie R. King, will be answering GGBC members questions on Twitter!


Be sure to send your questions starting March 24th and use hashtag #GGBC. 

And for April...

We will be reading the works of H.P. Lovecraft. With the April rains comes thoughts of things from deep, dark places. Lovecraft is one of the most influential writers of the horror, suspense genre, and is a fascinating story of his own right. I was thrilled that @CthulhuChick was kind enough to share her website with us and we are going to use her collected works as the jumping off point for our reading. Best news? It is free. Here is the link: Cthulhu Chick ebook. You can read it on your computer, print it, or download to your ereader. She also has a donation button on her page, so you can give a little something if you would like. We will start the madness April 1st, because we are no fools.

Please feel free to pass the word around about Geek Girls Book Club, and don't forget to show your GGBC pride with buttons, stickers, shirts and more from our store. The link is right here on the blog. 

We are getting ever closer to 1,000 members and that is amazing in just a short year. Thank you for all your geeky energy and awesomeness. This club is nothing without excellent folks like you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sometimes, It Takes a Crazy Straw.

This seems to have been a week filled with anxiety, sadness and illness. I have heard from so many friends and family that are going through an emotional or physical issue, people that are taking care of loved ones in need of them. I also have seen the anger and disbelief over things in our political arena. People are upset, terrible things are said, nothing ever seems to really improve.

It occurred to me today that life is so often a crappy frozen dinner when what we wanted was a feast.

Then I remembered the quote: "Life is what you make it."

I am certainly not saying that we forget we are sick, worried about someone we love, that we don't have enough money, that the world is going to hell in a handbasket... what I am suggesting is to eat your frozen dinner on your best china. And don't forget a drink.

If you are overwhelmed, put down that stack of worry for a minute. Sadly, those things aren't going anywhere. I want you to go to the store and buy a can, bottle, or jug of your favorite beverage. I'm getting orange soda. Yep, orange Crush in the can, baby. Now comes the awesome part: get a crazy straw. Yep, those twirly, goofy straws you loved when you were 5. Insert into beverage. Sip.

Remember that we are not the trouble in our life. We are the crazy straw. We are full of twists and turns and sometimes are ridiculous, making just plain drinks into something wonderful. Once you have your crazy straw in place, help someone else find theirs.

Sometimes all we can do in this life is remember that we can make even the not so great things in life better. But only if we are willing to get a little crazy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

March Madness Read

The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King will be the March read for GGBC! It can be found here: The Beekeeper's Apprentice on and at most libraries and bookstores in your area. Thank you for all your voting and suggestions! The read will begin March 1st. Our discussion of the current month's read, Dragonflight, will start February 25th on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter at #GGBC.
Please feel free to invite your fellow geeky readers to join us!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

March Madness Voting

We will be starting our voting on our suspense/mystery title for March. I had so many emails and messages and postings of amazing ideas and it boiled down to these:

1. John Dies At The End by David Wong
2. 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
4. The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King

Leave your vote in the comments, on Twitter at #GGBC, on Facebook and on Goodreads. The winner will be posted on February 15th.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank You Most Excellent Geeks

I just wanted to say thank you for making this a fantastic almost full trip 'round the sun for GGBC. Now near 1,000 members, and still going strong. Thank you for commenting, for giving your thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm to a group that would be nothing without each of you. Thanks for putting up with my rant about needing Tiaras, for sharing your blogs and talents with us all. What started as an idea for a little group has become more than I ever imagined. Thank you for wearing our shirts, proudly displaying pins and stickers of GGBC, and announcing our presence loud and proud at Cons and to friends. You are all responsible for the incredible atmosphere and energy of this group. You need to know:
Here's to more and more GGBC, may we always rock out with our geek out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Dragonflight begins...

GGBC is reading this classic through the end of February. What will you discover as a Dragonrider?
Any questions or comments you can leave here, at twitter #GGBC, on Goodreads and Facebook. All our links are to the right.
Thank you for flying with us!

Friday, January 27, 2012


The discussion starts today!

Post comments here, at the Facebook group, on Goodreads and at #GGBC on Twitter.
Favorite 80's reference? Is Oasis a good thing? Do you think that this is a future that could be a reality sooner than later? Weigh in, oh, and watch Ladyhawke.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tiara Enthusiasts

Tiaras Enthusiasts

The response to the Tiara blog was completely, incredibly, overwhelming and joyful. You people are my new heroes. Read the comments, look on twitter... these ladies and gents will change your day for the better. People who wear tiaras out with their friends throughout the year and bring some to give away to random ladies. People who are wearing their Tiara through cancer, through tough times, to work, people sharing Tiaras with their daughters and friends.
I have even had offers of people wanting to share their tiaras, wanting to share their tiara stories. So I put together a Flickr group: Tiaras Enthusiasts. The link is above. Go there if you can and post your photos, your stories, your tiaras you made, bought or dream of having. Also, post the tiara you want to share. Just like the traveling red dress, your tiara might just make someone's day, or year.
Feel free to share the information and let's see how many lives we can remind that they are irreplaceable and fabulous, right now, this minute.
If the Tiara fits baby... WEAR THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wanted: Tiaras.

First watch this:

Then read this:
The Bloggess Traveling Red Dress

Okay, I thank you for your watching and reading research to get you here. I am a huge, weirdo, freaky groupie of The Bloggess. I think she gives a voice to women like never before, but more than that, she gives people courage to be who they are, to follow their bliss and embrace their weird. No matter who you are or where you come from, we all need to feel special once in a while. better than that, you need to feel like a princess. I love Jenny's Traveling Red Dress. I want to participate and prance around like my inner My Little Pony/Tinkerbell.  But sometimes it's hard to find your dress, it's hard to find the want to even put it on if you had it. Sometimes you just feel like a weirdo. We need something to symbolize the Red Dress in a hurry, something to pull out, keep in your purse with a "Break glass in case of emergency" sign on it. Something to make you laugh, feel special, and remember you are wonderful in all the best, right places. You, my friend, need a tiara.
I usually save this blog for all things Geek Girls Book Club, but this Red Dress movement has been on my mind and just came up and gave me a lap dance last night watching The Big Bang Theory. As Amy got her tiara, I was filled with the idea of how I would feel about getting one. Answer: I would do the EXACT SAME THING. It is ridiculous, and where the hell would you wear it and it is the perfect symbol for how I want to feel. Like a princess. Like someone who feels beautiful and special and powerful.
Sometimes, we just don't feel that way. Because of our job, our health, our state of mind; we forget we are irreplaceable, amazing creatures right this minute. At your desk at work, in your carpool, at the grocery store, sick in your bed. YOU ARE AMAZING.
So I'd like to invite each of you to buy your own tiara. Plastic, made of Legos, popsicle sticks or diamonds... it dosen't matter. Give one for your friend who is having a hard time. Wear it to chemo treatments, crappy meetings at work, and picking up bananas at the grocery store. Wear it to make you smile, and to make others wonder what you're up to, because whatever it is, it must be fabulous.

Wear your Red Dress and break out your tiara in case of emergency, because baby, you rock.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Female Fiction February

February will be Female Fiction February, honoring none other than the late Anne McCaffrey. "Dragonflight" will be our way of reading to remember a great woman. For some, this will be a new adventure in reading, and for others, it will be like visiting an old friend. I hope you join Geek Girls Book Club in enjoying a series that is for many, a must read of the fantasy fiction genre.
The adventure will begin February 1, 2012.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ready Player One?

The read starts now, and we'll discuss starting on January 28th on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter at #GGBC.  The audiobook is, as always, perfectly acceptable and the joy of this title is the audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton. FANTASTIC. I hope that you enjoy this month's read, and stay tuned for February!