Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get a clue.

Spring is very nearly afoot, and it is time to announce the April 2013 read for GGBC. We have some new happenings this year, and I thought it would be fun to go old school for April. We need some adventure, some mystery. We need Sherlock Holmes. 

The wonderful news is you can get 


for free. Just click the title, and it will take you there. Also, there are free versions on many ereaders, on PDF's and the title is readily available at your local library. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is waiting, and we mustn't keep him.

Read all of the tales, read old favorites or read only a few, but I promise that you will walk away with a new appreciation of all the modern incarnations of the character by looking at his origins. They are spectacular reads, and the short story format keeps them manageable and leaves you wanting more, like any good read should.

I mentioned new happenings earlier, and I wanted you to know that this year we are adding 2 new releases to the GGBC lineup. I am letting you know these early, so you are able to get a copy from your library by getting on the list EARLY. Also, we are going to try something new, the GGBC library exchange. If you can't get a copy of a book (any book) you can go onto the facebook group, on the Goodreads group, or tweet with #ggbc and let us know what you're looking for. If someone is willing to share, they'll send you their copy, and you have 30 days to read and send it back. I am also hoping that we will have "donated copies" of books that can just be passed on and on, our very own lending library of good booky mojo. The only rules are 30 days, treat the books well, and keep the love going, return to the sender or pass it on. If you have a book to donate or are willing to share, let us know, and post for all to see. 

What are these new titles for 2013 you may ask? Well, it's no shock that we here at GGBC are huge Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman fans, so our new release titles will be Joe Hills' 'NOS4A2' in May, and Neil Gaiman's 'The Ocean At The End of The Lane' for our July read. So start your geeky engines, it's gonna be a hell of a good ride.