Monday, September 15, 2014

He's just a Poe boy, from a Poe family...

Available just about anywhere there are books.
It's nearly here sweet Geeks...October. A favorite among us here at the Geeks Girls Book Club because we get to be a little darker, and also marks the return of Neil Gaiman's fabulous All Hallow's Read, which GGBC has participated in every year, and this will be no different! New to All Hallow's Read? Let Mr. Gaiman explain:
Neil explains it all. Go Neil!

So October is so easy to enjoy it's scary. Just read some Edgar Allen Poe. Whatever you want, or if you're like me, nearly all of it. Let us know what stories and poems you're reading, and what you think. We will be posting about Mr. Poe starting the last Saturday of the month, at #GGBC on twitter, also in our Goodreads group and in our Facebook group. Links are on the side of this very blog! 

As a bonus, let us know through the month if you are celebrating All Hallow's read. Tell us what you're doing to kick up some graveyard fun and dig up some books to give to the readers in your life. I think a haunted themed trip to the library is in order, don't you? Extra skeleton keys to those who post pictures of their festivities. 

So whether you're tricking or treating, I hope you join us this month to read, enjoy a classic author with terrifying tales, and give the people in your life the best kind of scare... Having too many books to read! I'll see you this October Geeky ghouls, I'll be the lady with the raven.