Saturday, August 16, 2014

September: We've got Movie Sign!

Fall is about to collide with us dear Geeks... The days of summer are flying past and soon it will be school for some, and thinking of all the upcoming business for all.

A year ago this month, we did a wonderful thing. We had a Geek Girls Book Club movie night. I think this very popular event should be a tradition. A little fun before the madness of the season befalls us. 

Last year, we watched Star Wars as our collective cinematic journey. This year it is partially for you to decide, because we are taking a trip. To space again, but this time to The Satellite of Love, to meet a  group of unlikely explorers as they watch a horrible movie. For SCIENCE.

Dear Geeks, we have Movie Sign. Your task, via the mad scientists which hold us captive, is to pick an episode (or in my case 12 episodes),  of the cult classic show "Mystery Science Theater 3000". 

We are going to meet on the Satellite of Love the last Saturday of September and tweet, Facebook, goodreads, whatever you like about what movie or movies you choose. Extra cool Geek points if you can share some cool themed decorations, recipes or cosplay during the month, so we can all get ready together for the big night. All the points if you post photos of your prep, ideas, and of course, the big movie day!

The MST3K movies are easily available on Netflix streaming, Amazon and even YouTube and the like. For those new to the series, might I suggest Pod People, Manos or The MST3K movie. Ask any nerdy friend, and I'm quite sure there will be a barrage of suggestions thrown at you. We MST3K lovers tend to be very passionate about this show, and we will be happy to give you suggestions and sing you songs about Canada and A Very Patrick Swayze Christmas. 

You in? Then join me, Joel/Mike the Mads and the Bots for the best kind of movies ever. The kind that fill that joy meter all the way up. See you on the Satellite kids. I'll be the one sitting with Tom Servo.