Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Geek Girl Giveaway!

Win a digital copy of one of our September reads!

Three GGBC members will be chosen to receive a free digital download of GGBC September reads "Elegantly Wasted" and three more will be chosen to receive "Out of True". 

To enter, simply reply to the giveaway thread on Facebook, Twitter, or goodreads and one entry on each service will be chosen at random.

Entries accepted September 1st -September 7th.

Winners announced September 8th!

Digital downloads will be available to you in your eReader format preference, courtesy of the books' publisher. 

Thanks to Luna Station Press for supporting the GGBC!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

September is for Geek Girls

Soon summer will be leaving us and Autumn will be here, crisp leaves, cool air, poetry all around us and contract killers.

The next few months at GGBC we will be highlighting new authors and not only new, talented and brilliant... they are members of GGBC. I want to see the smaller publishers and writers get more exposure so we have years and years to come of so much brilliance that it fills our eyes and fills our souls to look at these works.

September is a two-for-awesome deal. Both of these books are written by GGBC members AND published by our dear friend: Luna Station Press.

First, we will lure you into a poetic world that will help you escape the hectic start of a new season... the beautifully written "Out Of True" by Amy Durant.

You can find all the information and even read a sneak peek at: Out Of True.
You can purchase an ebook version or get a paperback version if you'd prefer.

After you have been captivated by Amy's poetry, you will be blown away by Cara Vescio's "Elegantly Wasted" If you think your family has got issues, wait till you meet the Fairholms, their relationships are a killer:

This is also available in ebook format and all the information and also a sneak peek is available at: Elegantly Wasted.  

Read them, enjoy them... and then share them with fellow readers! The more we share the creativity and just plain awesome power of our Geek Girls, we are making the world just a bit brighter and better for the little Geeks coming after us.  The read will begin on September 1st, and we will discuss starting on September 29th. 

We are back to school kids, and girls rule.