Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's November? Inconceivable!

Can you believe that it is almost time for Thanksgiving here is the US? Autumn is flying by and writing "Surrender Dorothy" in the sky while we get ready to hunker down for winter's imminent arrival.

I think the best way to handle the shorter, colder days to come is with a good story. One of my favorite books and movies has always been "The Princess Bride". We all can practically recite the film word for word, and it is like comfort food on your screen. To me, it is the perfect story, and I know there are many who feel the same way.

The only thing better than a good movie, is the stories behind the movie. What was it like to make? Did the actors get along? Hate each other? Become lifelong buds and form a fellowship? In my brain, the cast of The Princess Bride were all best friends and also all rode off into the sunset on white horses. You wish you knew the stories within our favorite tale? As you wish.

I give you, dear Geeks, our November Geek Girls Book Club book:

Yes! A book by our favorite Dread Pirate and gentleman, Cary Elwes. Now this is a brand new release. Brand new, as in releasing today. Get on those library waiting lists, get to your bookstore, share a copy with a friend and find the audiobook. OH MY GOSH IS THAT A THING? Cary Elwes telling me a story seems like the best plan ever. I shall scale the Cliffs Of Insanity to find such a thing.

If you want to join in on this reading adventure, we set off November the first, and we'll gather to share tales of our journeys on the last Saturday of the month. So I will meet you in the fire swamp on that day. Anybody want a peanut?

Monday, September 15, 2014

He's just a Poe boy, from a Poe family...

Available just about anywhere there are books.
It's nearly here sweet Geeks...October. A favorite among us here at the Geeks Girls Book Club because we get to be a little darker, and also marks the return of Neil Gaiman's fabulous All Hallow's Read, which GGBC has participated in every year, and this will be no different! New to All Hallow's Read? Let Mr. Gaiman explain:
Neil explains it all. Go Neil!

So October is so easy to enjoy it's scary. Just read some Edgar Allen Poe. Whatever you want, or if you're like me, nearly all of it. Let us know what stories and poems you're reading, and what you think. We will be posting about Mr. Poe starting the last Saturday of the month, at #GGBC on twitter, also in our Goodreads group and in our Facebook group. Links are on the side of this very blog! 

As a bonus, let us know through the month if you are celebrating All Hallow's read. Tell us what you're doing to kick up some graveyard fun and dig up some books to give to the readers in your life. I think a haunted themed trip to the library is in order, don't you? Extra skeleton keys to those who post pictures of their festivities. 

So whether you're tricking or treating, I hope you join us this month to read, enjoy a classic author with terrifying tales, and give the people in your life the best kind of scare... Having too many books to read! I'll see you this October Geeky ghouls, I'll be the lady with the raven. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

September: We've got Movie Sign!

Fall is about to collide with us dear Geeks... The days of summer are flying past and soon it will be school for some, and thinking of all the upcoming business for all.

A year ago this month, we did a wonderful thing. We had a Geek Girls Book Club movie night. I think this very popular event should be a tradition. A little fun before the madness of the season befalls us. 

Last year, we watched Star Wars as our collective cinematic journey. This year it is partially for you to decide, because we are taking a trip. To space again, but this time to The Satellite of Love, to meet a  group of unlikely explorers as they watch a horrible movie. For SCIENCE.

Dear Geeks, we have Movie Sign. Your task, via the mad scientists which hold us captive, is to pick an episode (or in my case 12 episodes),  of the cult classic show "Mystery Science Theater 3000". 

We are going to meet on the Satellite of Love the last Saturday of September and tweet, Facebook, goodreads, whatever you like about what movie or movies you choose. Extra cool Geek points if you can share some cool themed decorations, recipes or cosplay during the month, so we can all get ready together for the big night. All the points if you post photos of your prep, ideas, and of course, the big movie day!

The MST3K movies are easily available on Netflix streaming, Amazon and even YouTube and the like. For those new to the series, might I suggest Pod People, Manos or The MST3K movie. Ask any nerdy friend, and I'm quite sure there will be a barrage of suggestions thrown at you. We MST3K lovers tend to be very passionate about this show, and we will be happy to give you suggestions and sing you songs about Canada and A Very Patrick Swayze Christmas. 

You in? Then join me, Joel/Mike the Mads and the Bots for the best kind of movies ever. The kind that fill that joy meter all the way up. See you on the Satellite kids. I'll be the one sitting with Tom Servo.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer and wonderful Geeks in love...

It is soon to be August, and the summer is whizzing by us at an alarming rate. I hope that you have been enjoying these warm days and our GGBC reads.
It was suggested that this month we find a story with a splash of romance, but among the geekier folk, and I think this book will deliver like Domino's on that.

Our August 2014 GGBC is a story of how even when life is hard, and we are still finding our way, we can also find each other. Dear Geeks, I give you Eleanor and Park:

Don"t be fooled by the "YA" genre label, it will bring you to many different parts of your life, and some of your current life status no matter your age. This is a story about finding a connection in a world that can be quite unkind, and that is hope that we all want and need. It is a little like what we all at GGBC are about. I am excited to read along with you, and discover some bits of our past, some knowledge about our present, and hopefulness about our future.

We will discuss this one the last Saturday in August. I'll meet you at the Park.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beautiful Armor

Oh John Green, how I adore you, and this made me think of my own relationship with makeup. Confession: I love it. Not lots of it, not over the top Baywatch babe makeup, but I think it is wonderful stuff. 

My mom has severe rheumatoid arthritis, and she feels pain most of the time. She has had nearly 40 surgeries, countless hospital stays and had to endure things no one should have to. My mom puts on makeup everyday. Every day. She has put it on while in a wheelchair, while both hands are bandaged from surgery, she never goes without it. She doesn't do this to satiate some vain standard of beauty, she does it because it makes HER feel good. In a life with many things out of her control, she has made this a ritual to remember and bring forward the woman without arthritis, the woman who simply is her, standing strong and fully in herself.

After an accident left me recovering in many ways over the last year, I have found myself doing the same thing. I feel terrible, I'm not going anywhere, but I need to remember that there is still a me in there that is more than all that, the me that wants to feel well and whole and happy. Makeup doesn't cure disease of body or pain in our mind or hearts, but sometimes doing something that makes you feel even a little better, something you can choose and do for yourself is worth everything. Feeling happier IS everything. 

Never forget to do the even small things you do to lighten your load, and never be ashamed to wear your beautiful armor, no matter what it is.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nothing but blue skies do I see...

It's soon to be July, the weather is hot, the Popsicles are dripping into your hands, and the apocolypse is coming. It's okay dear Geeks, it's all Good Omens if it comes from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

We are going to turn up the summer heat with a classic that will having you enjoying the end of times like nobody's business:

Who's side are you on? Are you chaos or peace? Are you just having a drink and letting it all pass by like  a marvelous play? 

Only you can know, and only you can decide to read along with us starting July 1st. We will discuss this treasure of a tale starting the last Saturday of the month on #GGBC on Twitter, on our Facebook group and on Goodreads. 

Get ready to go for the journey of a lifetime, will you take the highway to hell or the stairway to heaven? I'll see you there sweet Geeks, I'll be the one with the angel.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A relaxing summer trip to The Park...

Can you believe it's Time to talk about our first summer 2014 read?

I wanted us to have a relaxing time, go somewhere fun, like back when we want to that charming town by the sea and met Jaws. You know, a trip we could all enjoy and just unwind. Leave our cares behind. No worries, and no cares.

So this year, I thought a trip to an animal Park would be fun! Like sea world, but on land. Like a zoo, but more you know, hands on. I researched and I think I found our perfect GGBC summer destination.

Welcome my dear Geeks, to Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Just what we need to kick summer off right. I'll drive the jeep, and you go look reeeaalllly close to the fences, I hear it's a much better view that way. Our trip begins June 1st, and we'll all meet back in the gift shop on the last Saturday of June to share our experiences and selfies with the animals. Get packed, I can't wait, we've spared no expense for this trip!