Friday, November 15, 2013

Walking in a Geeky Wonderland...

Can you believe it? The winter months are upon us, and no matter what or if you celebrate any holiday, we here at GGBC take the month of December every year to kick back, and get geek crafty.

We don't have a book to read in December, everyone is so busy or stressed or intoxicated, so we do the next best thing. Craft. I don't care if you like woodworking, knitting, robotics or origami... Take some time in December to so what YOU like to do.

I think with all the new games and consoles coming out, we should make game cartridge cozies, but I digress...
Here are a couple of books I love and please post in the comments or on twitter or Facebook or goodreads what your favorites are.

Post photos of your creations all month long, so we can enjoy the weird, genius creative people that make up GGBC, and share some joy in the process.

Another December GGBC tradition is to share your favorite children's book. That can mean buying it to donate to your favorite charity, or buying it for a favorite person, or simply reading it to a kid you love (or big kids).
Let us know what book you'll be sharing and why, and maybe it will help us all remember that in the end, we are all stories.
May the holiday season be gentle and good to you dear Geeks, and let's make the wild rumpus start!