Monday, September 16, 2013

The old, and the new... Can be terrifying.

It is that time of year my dear Geeks... The cool air is coming in, the leaves they are a-changing, and the candy at the local drug store in heaping with Trick or Treating promise.
It's Halloween time, and that signals the annual GGBC scare fest.

We will be looking to the past and reveling in our present this year with two selections for your ghoulish pleasure.

The first, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. This is a classic, an incredible tale, and you can get in free online, so it is easy to enjoy for everyone. Do you dare go into the woods alone at night?

And this brings us to our second book, and our third brand new release this year in ggbc. It has been an amazing year to be a Geeky reader for certain. 
We are going to checking on our favorite Outlook Hotel survivor, Danny, in the incredible Mr. Stephen King's new "Doctor Sleep". 

It will be released September 24th, and yes, I'm terrified in the best way, to read it. This is a sequel to King's incredible "The Shining", so get ready to get scary. If you are planning on getting this from the library, get on the list now. It will be scooped up quickly.
We normally discuss our books the last Saturday of the month, but for October, we make an exception. We will break out the ghost story chat on October 30th, and continue through Halloween, just so you are sure to be in the spirit. 
Enjoy your frightful pages my sweet, ghoulish Geeks. We will gather soon to share our frightful fun. 

Also, please check out and support Neil Gaiman's All Hallows' Read, it is a wonderful tradition to be a part of,