Monday, October 14, 2013

Kiss My Assassin.

It's about that time dear Geeks... Time to make the turkey, break out the wine and wait for our latest contract assignment. Like we do. The holidays are a killer, and so are the ladies of Osiris. Indeed, our GGBC read for November is "Uncontrollably Wasted" by Cara Vescio. 
You may remember last year when we read the first book in the Wasted series, "Elegantly Wasted". If you missed it, please read that one first, and I'm sure you'll be on board to continue the wine fueled ride.
For those of you who don't know, Cara is also one of the first GGBC members, and is the designer of our awesome logo... Of which we hope you continue to enjoy and share with your book loving people. The first book, which was also her debut novel, was really popular and well received, and the new book has just released, so how can we resist a little murder with our pumpkin pie?

There is a gorgeous website for the books: The Wasted Series that gives you all the information you need on the book formats, where to get them, and info on the books group and the author. Be sure to check that out.
Also, there is a free chapter available at the amazing Luna Station Press, if you'd like a preview: Luna Station Press.

The read begins November 1st, and will start discussing on the last Saturday of the month. 
Are you ready to join us? Then get your assassin in gear girl. I'll bring the merlot.