Tuesday, December 27, 2016

She is stronger than we can possibly imagine...

Strange this was going to be January's book, where I unapologetically choose what I want to read for my birthday month. It's always been a little joke that I get to be the princess one month a year.

Then we lost more than a real Princess, we lost a friend, a confidant and a spirit guide. She was our first role model, first crush, first woman that I ever heard speak loud and proud about mental illness. She was a General, a partner, a mother, a writer, actress and a treasure. I loved you Carrie Fisher. I always will. You wore so many hats on that incredible brain...we can never hope to find your equal.

This is what I wanted to read, and now more than ever, I think we could use these stories.

So here, in some small way, is our celebration and remembrance of an exceptional lady. The January GGBC book:

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

The read begins January 1st and we will post about it the last Saturday of the month. All our links are on the sidebar. Please join us and enjoy every word.

We will miss you always Carrie, and we want you to know, we will NEVER want that wagon wheel coffee table. <3