Friday, November 16, 2012

2nd annual Geek Craft-A-Palooza!

My sweet Geeks, the holiday season is upon us. No matter what or if you celebrate anything coming up... the world is busier and more stressful, so in the tradition of GGBC, we are not reading in December. WE ARE CRAFTY FOR ALL DECEMBER. Don't panic non crafters! I have suggestions for you and they include a favorite from last year and a new addition to the crafty family:

World of GeekCraft by: Susan Beal @westcoastcrafty

The Star Wars Craft Book by: Bonnie Burton @BonnieGrrl

These are two great examples of fun you can have from using paper, to painting to glitter and glue and fibery arts. There is something for every Geek in these amazing pages. You can also get ideas from some pretty spiffy websites like Geek Crafts, and you can join other geeks and see what their up to at our sister club Geeks United In Crafts. This is a fun excuse to just have fun, play and get creative. You can also make some amazing gifts and thrill your friends and family, while saving some major cash this season!

There is no contest, no rules... all I ask is that you post photos of your Geeky creations. Post on Twitter with #GGBC, post on FB on the GGBC page, or post on Goodreads. 

There is one more thing I'm hoping we do this season to spread some happy in the world... share you favorite children's book. You can buy a copy and donate it to you library or charity, give a copy to a child you love, or just check one out from the library, and read it to someone who would love your time and your story. Please share what book YOU shared... and make this world lighter and brighter this season. Here is my children's book I'm sharing:

Blueberry Girl by: Neil Gaiman @NeilHimself

I hope that your holiday is filled with all the things that make you happy, and that you can share that happiness with those you love and those you are just meeting. I can't wait to see all the Geeky goodness you will be making and sharing... and I even have my own Geeky craft to start us off:

My knitted MST3K pillow 

Have fun, get crafty, and remember that there are a whole lot of people crafting right along with you, reading children's books and remembering that all of us deserve a little silly now and then.