Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

As a lot of you know I had an accident and shattered my elbow and had to have surgery the very end of June. This has put me on the sidelines for most of my summer and left me more than a little bit crabby. It has been hard to hold books to read with one hand I can't knit because that takes two hands and even doing what I love gardening wise, I have not been able to do. This makes for a very unhappy geek lady.

I was very stressed out about picking a great book for September, and I was just so frustrated and feeling sorry for myself and overwhelmed and I realized something. Maybe September would be great month for us to all just hang out together. Maybe September will be a great time for us to all just relax and not be so stressed out about everything and maybe take a little time for ourselves. I know it's hard for us to take time for ourselves, sometimes it even makes us feel guilty. But I think if we all hang out the last Saturday of September even if it's just knowing there are other people out there doing what we're doing all virtually together we'll feel a little better.

That's what I propose. That all day the last Saturday of September we are all going to watch Star Wars. That's right Star Wars. You've probably watched it 4000 times if you're anything like me,but there's something about familiarity that brings comfort. We are going to sit down and tweet, Facebook, goodreads, whatever you want about watching Star Wars and eating your very favorite food. I don't care if it's not on your diet or you only save for a special occasion I want you to use the last Saturday to watch a classic geek movie, eat some great food, and know that you're surrounded all over the world with great friends who are enjoying the day with you. Invite your kids, spouse, partner, pets... Post your photos and use the whole month to post your perfect food and drink ideas. Let's have some time to remember how amazing, huge and fun this group is and just take some time to meet some new friends, spend time with old buddies and have a good time, just because we can. And we deserve it. I adore you geeks, and I hope you'll join in and spread the word.
(Photo via guys

The geek force is strong with us. Come to the dork side, we have snacks.