Thursday, February 14, 2013

March into Nerdfighters!

MARCH? Already? Yep, as we creep ever closer to the 2nd birthday of GGBC, I was thinking about March. March is when people begin to think of spring, of change, of new things, of a lighter state of mind perhaps. One thing we have not really read in GGBC is young adult fiction, which gets a bad rap, but we all know can be pretty darn wonderful. I thought we'd get to open our spring with a read from the Nerdfighting, poofy haired wonderful half of Nerdfighters, John Green. Geek Girls, I give you Paper Towns:

More info at Paper Towns
Follow John Green @RealJohnGreen

If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "Nerdfighters" please go immediately to Vlogbrothers and see what all the doobly-doo is about. These are amazing brothers, who have made a whole lot of good and amazing things happen in this world. French the llama* they are fantastic.

We will start our journey to Paper Towns on March 1st, and start talking about it the last Saturday of the month. I hope that you enjoy it, and share it with a young reader that would enjoy it too. The more we can bring us all together with the power of words, shared experiences and positive nerdery, the better the world will be for it.

Oh and DFTBA* Geek Girls (and Boys).

*Nerdfighters, you get it.