Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A few details about Geek Girls Book Club

Just wanted to post a quick note about GGBC and how it works:

The books chosen every month are either by voting, popular request or chosen to fit a theme. You can suggest a favorite book anytime for future reading!

If you cannot get a book or are not interested in reading the month's selection, that is totally fine. There are no participation requirements.

If you want to read along but not take part in the discussions that is also fine. Please feel free to read and enjoy other members' comments.

I will try and give enough time for everyone to get the book well in advance. Remember, you can take the whole month to read the book, and you don't have to be "caught up" with the group. This is for enjoying great books, not deadlines. I want people to like bookclub! 

Please feel free to pass along GGBC info to your friends. The main website all information and links are there. Also, I am at @NikkiSticks if anyone has any questions.

The only rules are:
1. Be repectful of the other members' opinions.
2. No Spamming
3. Enjoy your reading as you do best!

Thank you to all the amazing GGBC members!



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