Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tiara Enthusiasts

Tiaras Enthusiasts

The response to the Tiara blog was completely, incredibly, overwhelming and joyful. You people are my new heroes. Read the comments, look on twitter... these ladies and gents will change your day for the better. People who wear tiaras out with their friends throughout the year and bring some to give away to random ladies. People who are wearing their Tiara through cancer, through tough times, to work, people sharing Tiaras with their daughters and friends.
I have even had offers of people wanting to share their tiaras, wanting to share their tiara stories. So I put together a Flickr group: Tiaras Enthusiasts. The link is above. Go there if you can and post your photos, your stories, your tiaras you made, bought or dream of having. Also, post the tiara you want to share. Just like the traveling red dress, your tiara might just make someone's day, or year.
Feel free to share the information and let's see how many lives we can remind that they are irreplaceable and fabulous, right now, this minute.
If the Tiara fits baby... WEAR THE HELL OUT OF IT.


  1. I've been inspired & have been tiara shopping! I can't wait to wear it ... the thought alone makes me smile from ear to ear. My girls (12 & 13) are also getting tiaras.