Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Geek Girls: Posers With Boobs?

Art Credit: Mike Henry aka Zatransis

After the avalanche of negative "geek girls are mostly posers" articles on the internet, (please see Action Chick Flick's article on all the fun) I feel like I need to vent a few thoughts on the subject.

The Geek Girls Book Club was sparked by such an article. Without this gem: New York Times article we would maybe never have come to pass. The anger and sadness I felt about the writer's comments pushed me to make a book club that all Geeks could be proud of. That would show that having lady parts doesn't mean you only like Eat, Pray, Love. Being a female and being a Geek CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN. And that's okay. In fact, that's awesome.

I was told not many would join or be interested. That it wouldn't have much "staying power". Well, those people would be wrong. We have nearly 1,000 members, and from all over the world. These are women, and men by the way, who are want to wave their inner Geek flag with pride and I am so honored to be among them.

We can be "Geeks" about so many things. Star Wars, Firefly, Anime, Literature, History... the list goes on and on. You don't have to love all things "geeky" to be a geek. You have to have the passion and the heart to learn more and more about what you love. Don't be concerned about how much Geek you are or if someone else is a "poser". Just let your Geeky light shine, and it will spread and spread until we can all feel a bit prouder of whoever we are, all because of the power of the Geek.


  1. I agree with your main point, but I don't think the Forbes author was saying what she's being accused of saying. How much of today's culture is based on being a walking publicity stunt? On doing whatever it takes to be the center of attention? The people who buy into that nonsense are the same people who will glom on to whatever is popular at the moment, whether they like it or not. The author wasn't saying most geek girls are posers, she's saying there are an awful lot of hipsters showing up to our parties now that Big Bang Theory has said it's acceptable to be nerdy.

    Here's an example from my life: I have a friend who, when we're talking, LOVES country music, LOVES reading, LOVES sci-fi; but when I'm listening to the radio or watching CMT immediately asks to change the channel; to my knowledge has never read a book not required by her professors in the last 8 years; and has never watched any popular sci-fi movies or shows, and refuses to sit through more than 5 minutes of any sci-fi I would like to introduce her to.

    Those "agree to anything popular" personalities are who the author was referring to, not people she deemed less geeky than herself.

  2. I have been called and geek and also been told I am NOT one. I figure 'geek', like any other label, depends on who you're talking to and what you're talking about. I do agree that it's popular to be a geek so you do have quite a few bandwagon jumpers. I really don't care one way or the other. If I like something, I like it and I'm not ashamed to like it. I also love listening to people talk about topics THEY love even if I don't know about it or like it much.

  3. Gah! Almost a year already? I'm very very proud to be a card carrying member of this wonderful club. I've read books I never would have thought to read and made amazing friends who inspire me every single day because of that article. The ultimate revenge, right?

    Geeks can be girls and I agree, we all need to just let it fly and let others think what they will. We can only control our own reactions.

    Thank you for this.