Thursday, December 20, 2012

New year... New Man.

We are about to hit another New Year in the GGBC, and I was inspired by those of you who love to try a new series. If you're like me and fall in love with a character who leaves you wanting more, than have I got the guy for you:

Harry Dresden.

He's a Private Investigator and a wizard... and he's for hire.  So to kick off a new year, we will be reading the first of Harry's stories:

Storm Front by: Jim Butcher

If you read about Harry and his world and want more, here is a link to all the books in the series:
There was also an amazing TV series that sadly only lasted one season, but you can find it on Amazon, and Netflix. It is certainly worth a watch if you missed it, or if you were a fan and want to see it again. There are also graphic novels and an RPG! The author's web page has a store with all the details. Jim Butcher store
You can follow the author on twitter at @longshotauthor. 

I thought that Harry would be the perfect way to start 2013, and get us going on a year of geeky book delights to come. Harry is my kind of wizard, I hope he's yours as well.

As always, we will begin the book on the first of the month and starting talking about it the last Saturday of the month at #GGBC on Twitter, and on the GGBC Facebook group and Goodreads and Google +. Join us, and feel free to pass GGBC on to anyone you know who would enjoy a good read among most excellent Geeks.

Happy 2013!