Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Hot for An Anniversary in May...

Five years. FIVE YEARS GUYS.

Geek Girls Book Club is off to kindergarten and I can hardly believe it. Our baby is growing up.

I cannot tell you how teary eyed, weepy proud it makes me that we are all still here, with new friends and old, celebrating dozens and dozens of books and shenanigans...still crazy after all these years, as Paul Simon would say:

It has been a wonderful, winding journey and it has changed my life and many of yours in little and miraculous ways. And I would love it if you wanted to share your GGBC story with us, here in the comments or on the Facebook or Goodreads group, or tweet me at @nikkisticks on Twitter. Like a little online scrapbook for us all to remember fondly as the baby photos fade. I love you guys, thank you for being you.

It also is ushering in our Summer Break! No scheduled books June, July or August, but there are so many amazing books coming out this summer, and so many great ones to catch up on from the GGBC book list, you won't be wordless for a minute!

But we do have a book for May that has me jumping up and damn down with excitement. You know my big three: Neil Gaiman, Richard Kadrey and Joe Hill. They are my trifecta of wonderful. And guess what? All 3 have new stuff coming out very soon. It was horrific to have to pick one for May, but please do check out the new books from Neil and Richard, they will sweep you off your feet with wonder. Richard Kadrey's The Everything BoxNeil Gaiman's The View From The Cheap Seats

So for our 5th anniversary, we are reading Joe Hill's "The Fireman". In stores May 17th.

This one will keep me up at night in the best possible way, and I am really hoping that you will all join me for another adventure with Mr. Hill, and share your thoughts about it the last Saturday of May. It is going to be one not to miss, so get on those library waiting lists early, don't say I didn't warn you. Joe is also going on a book tour, so be sure to check out if he'll be in your area, and give him a big GGBC thank you for being such a great supporter of ours. He's good people.

Richard Kadrey is also out on tour for his new book, so give him a big thanks too because he has been awesome to GGBC too. As has Mr. Gaiman. We are lucky, lucky book nerds guys.

So happy anniversary my loves, and enjoy this new book, I can't wait to discuss it with you, I'll be the one under my all powerful protective blanket, holding my flashlight in a vice grip. I hope your summer is BLISS, and check back with us to see what we're all reading all summer and share what you're up to in the world of books. We'll have SO MUCH to talk about when school's back in.

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