Thursday, May 19, 2016

#Living Your Best Life?

You hear a lot about "living your best life ".  You see it on Instagram , on Pinterest and most annoyingly, as a hashtag. Most of the time you see this accompanied by photos of dream locations, perfectly decorated rooms and gorgeous meals in fancy restaurants. The perfect pair of jeans or 700 dollar boots.

This got me thinking. What about the rest of us? Are we not living our best lives because we aren't seeing the Grecian sunset or the perfectly plated meal? What if we are eating our frozen dinner in front of YouTube videos in our sweatpants?

Living your best life is not a Pinterest board. Maybe living YOUR best life is feeling good enough to take a shower today as the weight of depression lessens. Your best life is playing with your pets or your kids because today was a really good day in your chronic illness. You got to the store even though you were really anxious about it. You started those new meds. You did a chemo treatment, again. You dealt with that asshole at work without letting them rattle you. You went to the gym. Made a commitment. Walked away from a bad situation. Made the phone call. Started writing. Had time to read. Volunteered at the shelter. Said yes. Said no.

Living your best life is more than a hashtag, more than a material thing. It is you. It is doing something with courage or conviction or joy.  It is doing the very best you can the best way you know how. It is surviving another day. It is helping others. In every way big and small that you open your life up with brave steps or a loving act, you are living your best life. So don't compare someone's trip to the coast with your anxious trip to the store or trip to the shower. They all are beautiful. They all have the power to change your life, to make you stronger. Never forget you are constantly braving new adventures, whatever they may be, and I am so proud of you for forging ahead. Never stop going. Your best life is right now, hashtag or no. 


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