Monday, August 15, 2016

Falling for Books...

We're BACK!

I hope you had an amazing summer and you ate amazing foods and went amazing places and saw amazing sights. And I hope if all of those things were in your own backyard you had a summer like me and THAT IS AWESOME.

Now that our vacation/staycations are over, it is time to get down to the business we all want to get to. Reading some damn books.

I wanted something light, something fun, and something that will make you remember women can be the biggest badasses on the planet, and even badasses in the kitchen. We are powerful when we find our gifts baby, we are unstoppable then.

September 1st begins our read of our dream best friend and culinary angel, Julia Child. You can't learn about her and her life and not fall smitten and in awe of her tenacity. She was one powerful geek girl, and we are celebrating her as our first book back.

Ladies and Gentlegeeks, I give you, "My Life In France" by Julia Child.

This is an older release and you will have no trouble getting this one from the local library or even picking up a used copy very inexpensively. I suggest you do buy a copy, because once you read it, you'll want to keep it.

I am so glad we're back, getting ready to go on an adventure with our gal pal Julia, and remember that we all have a power within us that makes us grand, and unique in all the world.

We start the read September 1st and we will talk about it here, on Twitter at #GGBC and on our Facebook and Goodreads group on the last Saturday of the month. So grab your saucepan and your sense of adventure, and I'll see you there. I'll be the one in the apron wishing I had pearls. <3


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  2. Hi there! I just found you on another website. They charged me $0.50 to contact you but then the email they provided didn't work. I was hoping to reach you with this post. Anyways, I'm very interested in joining your book club. Please let me know if there's any open availabilities! Thanks!

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